Lohan carts first to brag a bit rusty

Playing for three days, that no one was home, right? Must go to work tomorrow, or even 6 days, we don’t drink don’t stay up late tonight made man, and recuperate for national day holiday. When you go out and play three days and there are many new, we give you the summary, when little joke before going to bed.

1: OK OK we all blind

@ Peace rivers: the evening of August 30, 2016, Ding Fu Zhuang Cun, a black Range Rover Sport utility vehicle-Highway 102 intersection traffic lights tire explosion, then forwards the video is online. Field survey and investigation by the I Council, confirmed that the left front tire flat tire accident Land Rover, the car hit the middle of the road caused by isolation barrier, puncture caused by debris and two cars damaged in the accident, Land Rover drivers, 1 passenger suffered minor injuries.

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@ Heart can’t CV: police car than the three mourning Note7 more credible.

@ Swatow Zuo 楊 classmates: a flat tire? Pay attention to the lower right corner of the Toyota Camry car.

41,200: OK OK we all blind, black lane on the right are pressing remote controller?

@POPOPOPOZ: the black car that gesture was too much like a remote control … Time to catch on … Front car opened not starting is very suspicious to me

@ Stupid an: this picture I’m blind?

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@B77889900: to be honest, a look that is never said a lie! First to brag a little bit rusty, please a lot of inclusion, I believe will be more and more easy to … …

@ Land Rover China: one of the best ways to discover the world, is to start immediately, and Richard Masur # found endless levy limits #. Add topic tag, tell your travel tales, we can win and we set off together based on the seats!

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@ Stone Gate 2014: ask your bombing occurred on August 30 in Sanhe city, Hebei province has any views? About local police characterized as a Land Rover tire survey results?

@ Financial commentator: I’m curious, don’t send ads.

@ Sun said: on August 30, one section of Land Rover Range Rover weird explosion started suddenly after the traffic lights. According to local police in peace rivers left front tire. This is the scene after the explosion I thought was due to a flat tire, burst trigger airbag explosion, airbag trigger seat exploded, seat Note7 explosion set off a seat and then blew off the doors of a chain reaction. Well, wash are not clean and don’t ask me again!

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@ This story: a flat tire, crashed into a guardrail, the driver serious thigh injury

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@ Stone Gate 2014: Twitter seems to be the earliest to see the information, bloggers Readme happen to be passing by the scene. Seen from the photos, it’s left front wheel burst, wheel is clearly visible. But I still can’t explain why suspected Interior burst from the inside out, Murphy was a net oil into gas and modified cars?

@PS3 Paul: @ Land Rover China identification

@Wil_YANG is a lamb: on the video, followed by an explosion seemed to significantly accelerate a … … If explosive in the rear, puts forward momentum on the car? Front tire, I thought it might be crashed into a guardrail or blast down a tire

2:2011 crane

@ Occam’s Razor: an old news yesterday on Twitter is hot talk, said was on a construction site in XI ‘ an, workers hung on the crane wire end, sliding on the ground on the other side, will be able to hear radio broadcasts, a lot of people surprised no trumpet will ring? Some people refer to it as the scientific mysteries that cannot be explained.

Construction site crane of long steel cable became an am radio antenna, and this huge cables than the very fine wire induction into the radio broadcast signal was much stronger, that hung by wire may play the arc at the end.

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

Signals, how the crane signal demodulation broadcasting out of it? Principle is the dashed line in Figure c envelope released under, that we can hear the sound, and demodulation of am radio is very simple, using the principle of capacitor charging and discharging.

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

Specifically some kind of slow-fast charge-discharge capacitors, 747KHz high frequency signal to a small pulse charging of a capacitor, but before the capacitor discharge, following a small impulse to the, and the dotted lines of figure c envelope released the, and then loaded into the horn sounds.

No capacitor in the cable car and the Horn, I suppose it was grounding capacitive played a role, due to strong energy release out of envelope shocks of air and noise. Air shocks can certainly voice, fiddle and other musical instruments are audible, but by shocks air Ah.

A lot of people are wondering why no speaker sound in this case, I ask them: why do you never doubted no speaker sound of the violin? Because they do not know the Horn is just a very efficient conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, you can use very little energy, they come up with a great deal of air shocks, if the energy itself is strong, without horns.

3: so I say electric cars are junk

@ Straits transit fan Forum: Typhoon Moranti # # the current catenary bridge severely damaged, xinglin, shortly North of Xiamen-Xiamen catenary power cannot be restored, in and out of the island of EMU will be using diesel locomotive traction

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@ Straits transit fan Forum: according to a tip-off, Xiamen station group 5 trains have been trapped within common Coupler is installed, wait for the engine to the rescue

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@ Straits transit fan Forum: after staff overnight fighting, trapped on the island of Xiamen 5 group train had just pulled out of the first group in Xiamen, LongYan 380A first drag is the attached, there are 4 groups waiting to be rescued from the station, is being pulled

Lohan carts: first to brag a bit rusty

@ Candy coconut Peel: critical moments also rely on internal combustion

@ Uncle: so I say electric cars are junk

@ Yancan: trip to Thailand’s Foreign Ministry, talks with the Press Secretary, is two pieces of advice. First, strengthen cultural exchanges between the two countries. Two, Thailand’s high-speed rail project, the most suitable and the cooperation with China.

@ Small particles: the Mage, the Chinese Foreign Ministry needs you!

@ Music-release: master, you work the Prime Minister

@ Ulla Ulla clap clap: are you going to grab something to eat, Prime Minister?

4: two accidents during the holiday, and a story

@ Beijing Beijing people don’t know about: it’s a … Thanks to who? Chengdu motor show blockbuster new cars are here

@ Flowers open on both sides of life magic: the parents full responsibility, the driver hasn’t been with children

@ Jiangjiang Jiang Ying: I think it depends on no owner

@ Snowman bear 0518: parental supervision, and drivers out of luck

@ Ma Hao students: I think the driver pushed the car should go! (Note: this is the most Twitter replies in Zambia)

@ SINA car: the BMW woman good fierce!

@HATER639: men patting the hood of Z4 yell, hit, this driver is upright, one foot on the accelerator. Thought such a request had never heard in my life.

@ Small story 2016: the man deserves, without a bit of self-protection. Woman admits that he is the man in court after the shock caused by improper operation.

@ Mo: what is this woman is so fierce, so bad behavior do not ridicule the tone of the comments, the sentence!

@ Boat JT: lively is not too big, and this was no ordinary accident. Woman suspected of intentional injury, settled does not accept compensation for men and women go to jail.

@ Joy of cloud on: international flights Shang occurred a thing: aircraft cruise Shi, one by window passenger unwilling to pulled Xia cover plate, million meters high of Sun according to himself and side of another one passenger, sitting next to to Sun effect himself rest for by requirements by window passenger pulled Xia shade Board, by window of passenger is said himself selected by window seat, is wants to Sun Sun Sun and the appreciate window landscape, this is himself of right, full and are can’t for seat, two people so occurred disputed…… How to watch?

@C___Crystal: UV so strong I’m really concerned about it?

@ Ching Ching _ __: UV him to death!

@ Woods had a bark: window Sun dead one, close the Windows and then kill one. Quiet world

@ Above the clouds of joy: lots of friends saying radiation could consider the feelings of the pilots in the cockpit … … Please look at the pictures …

@ Burn volume Pavilion: that, conversely, I wanted to see the scenery window people flip down cover plate on the results, can I ask him to pull up?

@ I’m the fur ball: then you go to the bathroom I have no seat, now I don’t want to go, I choose the Middle just don’t want to move

5: guess the car

@-_-Second brother: guess no difficulty

Tip: the domestic brands

Goodnight everyone!



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